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Irritable Bowel Disorder ( IBD )

Macrobiotics as an approach takes the stand of changing the blood condition, with foods that make for a balance. Making this balance in the body, will result in creating stronger immunity and reversing health ailments or keeping them dormant.

Shonali has had the opportunity to work with many ailments and help her clients. She does private one-on-one cooking training for all ailments on request. Please write to her for details. Here are some of the ailments which she has worked with.

Irritable Bowel Disorder ( IBD )

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Sunil Katariya
Legal Professional

AGE 49

“Facing chronic slow bowel movement and having tried all form of medication be it Ayurveda, Homeopathy or to some extent Allopathy and all sorts of food combinations and laxatives; I came across Shonali book i.e., ‘The Detox Diet.’ Being a non believer in Allopathic for any chronic/ such kinds of ailments, immediately purchased the book, followed by meeting with her. Shonali, seemed to have a fairly good idea of the problem faced and was confident of it being a treatable / reversible condition. Meetings were followed by a set of instructions which primarily consisted of modifications in staple food i.e. from wheat flour to flour of other grains and additions of certain specific food/ drinks, aimed towards increasing the microbe (term learnt from her). The dietary changes also included inclusions and exclusion of certain foods, depending upon their affect on gut functioning. The efforts were supplemented though Ayurvedic treatment upon her recommendations. All in all, I found Shonali’s methods effective and although new; yet quiet worth the effort. The changes helped in stopping the condition which was getting from bad to worse and also reversing the position. Shonali is passionate to perfection and will hold your hand till the time she finds a solution, suited for you.”