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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is hitting men now at an alarming pace; and has come close to home. The rise in cancer is a finger in the direction, of many food products that are now contaminated and entering women’s diets. In prostate cancer usually meat, eggs and dairy happens to be among foods that cause cancers. The overspill of poor nutrition spills over into unassimilated and cysts and unwanted lumps and tumours in an acidic blood condition; leading to cellular death (senescence). Shonali’s father had prostate cancer, and that’s what bought her to this approach.

On a prostate cancer diet, she works with isolating foods that trigger cancer, literally starving the cancer cells of foods they like and feed them foods they loathe. Nourishing the body, if one is going through chemotherapy or radiaton and conventional medicine treatments with her broths, soups, and other remedies that help one keep it under remission and fight the onslaught of chemotherapy and radiation.

Prostate Cancer

Number of Cases


Capt B.S. Sandhu
Airline crew

AGE 52

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 1, it was still within the prostate gland. I decided to use food alone to help me and did not start with any conventional medical treatment. After being on Shonali’s diet for 4 years now I have still managed to keep my PSA levels within normal range, and have had no complaints. I had to give up my chai with milk, and make a switch to almond milk instead, but apart from that the diet has been easy to adapt to. I am a squash player, and still continue to play my game with the same vigour and strength; thanks to the immense energy I have gained from being on her approach.”