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12 Reasons to choose Macrobiotics

The basic diet comprises of –

40-50% whole grain (change when on a weight loss plan)

25% Seasonal vegetables

10% protein foods like legumes and fish

5 – 10% Soups and Good quality fermented foods

5% Sea vegetables (Indianized with the use of spirulina or kombu; as sea vegetables chlorella, hijiki, arame are not available in India). However spirulina and kombu which are also a sea vegetable are now available. Both are rich in chlorophyll, and have magnesium a necessary co-factor for the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, also sea vegetables are rich in trace minerals which most diets are lacking.

5% Fruits, nuts or seeds


– It is a broad varied diet primarily consisting of grains, vegetables, fish, beans, seeds, fruit and nuts.

– Many people claim that eating a Macrobiotic diet has helped them to cure from ailments and recover from illness.

– It is a flexible approach to eating that can be used over a few days or for life.

– Using macrobiotic principles you can chose and prepare foods to change the way you feel.

– You can eat anything as long as you know what the likely influence of that food is and are sure it will lead to good health.

– The high fiber used in macrobiotics keeps your digestive system healthy.

– Being low in saturated fats, a macrobiotic diet enhances your blood quality, improving your circulation and heart.

– Low on the glycemic index, macrobiotic foods encourage even blood sugar levels. Making it easier to lose weight and enjoy emotional stability.

– The foods are well balanced in terms of acid and alkaline as well as sodium and potassium.

– The predominance of complex carbohydrates means that the meals provide plenty of sustainable energy, leading to greater stamina.

– The general Macrobiotic diet is high in proteins, iron, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins

– Macrobiotics is a complete approach to healthy eating that encompasses everything from selecting good ingredients, to cooking methods and eating

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