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4 food additives and what they are doing to you?

One of the things that really annoys‘s me is when I see parents and adults not reading food labels for products they buy. There is so much c…p in there, that’s triggering off allergies that parents and adults are actually like horses that wear blinders walking around shopping aisles.


MSG-Mono Sodium Glutamate – The only time this came up to the surface is when Maggi was pulled up for adding MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) excess in their foods. FDA stipulates 0.55 grams is okay to eat from packaged foods. 13 grams of glutamate can be consumed from food (sources: fish sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes [ripe], walnuts, wheat gluten, dairy casein, bone broths, meats & cheese which are cured, garpe juice); anything above from packaged foods is in excess. When consumed in excess it can cause: numbness, headaches, tingling, and palpitations.


TBHQ (terbutylhydroquinone) – It causes abnormal reactions that trigger food allergies in adults and children. Impacting liver, kids behavioral issues, eye issues, digestives issues and cancer. Japan has banned its usage in food items. Your kids love chicken McNuggets, cookies, chocolates, chips, popcorn and you love your bottled salad dressings well a lot of them have THBQ!


Red No 3 artificial colouring Erythrosine (artificial colouring) – Frankly anything with these numbers attached to them, are scary to eat. This particular one causes cancer and DNA damage in human liver cells (in-vitro, comparable to the damage caused by chemotherapy). By 1985 the FDA had banned it 26 times (Dr. Michael Greger – www.nutritionfacts.org).


Food Dyes/Colorings – when it says ‘colour added’; e.g., if you feed your kids yogurt it could have insect juice which has natural colour. All insect based dyes are looking to be listed in ingredients by the FDA. Red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6 are the most consumed and are known to cause allergic reactions and promote tumour growth.


Moral of the story: Read your food labels!


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