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Is food the key to bringing down medical costs?

America is eating its way to ever-increasing rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease one fork full at a time. We continue to grow sicker because we consume a diet that provides nutrient poor foods prepared using unhealthy fats and excessive levels of both salt and sugar, while not providing a full range of health protective macro and micro nutrients.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that links this empty, unhealthy diet and nutrition pattern to these diseases, and in turn billions of dollars in excess medical costs. Ask yourself this question: ‘How many sick people do I know today compared to 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago?’. For example, the number of people suffering with an auto-immune condition is sky rocketing and no doctor seems to know what is causing this epidemic. Now you know and it is rooted in the food you consume daily.

Americans make more than one billion visits to doctors every year. Many of those are return trips by the same people. What if there was a way to lessen those visits without medicine alone? Doctors agree that care plans would be 70 to 90 percent more effective if they included nutritious food.

The question is how many times have you walked out of your doctor’s office with a true plan of what to eat and what to avoid? Not many. Or how many times have you asked your doctor what it would take to get off of the medications he prescribes? That’s why it’s time to take your health plan into your own hands.

The key to living longer, remaining physically and mentally vital, lowering your risk of a range of chronic diseases and reducing health care costs is to build your diet around meals that contain Essential Nutrients . The NIH and WHO recognize that including the 43 essential nutrient building blocks will empower your body to grow, heal and live. Research clearly shows that the epidemic of obesity leading to diabetes and ultimately heart disease is largely preventable and reversible through adopting these food principles.

We aren’t talking about a diet or meal plans. We are talking about changing the way you eat forever. Making sure you are fueling your body with the 43 essential nutrients on a daily basis is the key to health. A new Essential Nutrient food company is making it easy for you to be sure you are fueled with these nutrients.

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