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10 Tips on what should your cook always know

Your cook is the heart and soul of your house – if you look at it another way, he or she, hape your health and also give you the right energetic to operate in your daily life.  Here are 10 tips of what I think they should know –

1.Hygiene! Hygiene! And then some more. Cleaning their cutting board after cutting and chopping, and this is after each vegetables is cut.  Also, being mindful of cleaning around their work-stations.

2.Being calm in the kitchen, this will also ensure the same energies are passed on to you, and that they do not overdo cooking of dishes.

3.Making sure they have a menu plan every day, and that they plan a day-ahead on soaking, sorting and requirements – a menu plan from you will always help here.

4.Using flavours (of vegetables and one spice that is pre-dominant) instead of spices to bring out the character of a dish.

5.Using a variety of cooking styles for 1 meal, and not just 1 cooking style – most cooks like pressure cooking all dishes because it’s easy and this is not the answer, as this pressured energy is what you will also be in all day long.

6.Knowing that they need to experiment, so cooking not only Indian food every day but different cuisines, bringing in the variety.

7.Understanding what is a balanced meal for you in terms of nutrition.  What they should include daily which are absolutely necessary for your health.

8.Some main-stays in your diet, and how to include them daily.

9.How to cook a wide variety of homemade snacks.

10.Which ingredients are right and wrong in cooking for you?  For e.g., salt, refined oils, and more and how to be watchful while getting these for your kitchen.

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