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How to tackle bloating & jet lag while travelling?

Avoid bread (as the yeast in the bread & white flour don’t assimilate well) The yeast will induce bloating.

Avoid anything made with the white sauces and opt for tomato-based sauces. The white sauces are rich in butter and dairy, both of which will induce bloating.

Minimize the consumption of coffee & tea – both have caffeine which will not enhance natural sleep patterns, but fight them instead, therefore promoting jet lag.

Stick to fruits as a main and don’t mix this with the main meal (save it for later) as this has a different digestion time – fruits will make you less heavy and bloated – promoting a lighter feeling around the digestive area.

Avoid sugar – this might interfere with the insulin levels anyway and keep you on a sugar high instead of promoting natural melatonin release for sleep and cause jet leg.

Stay away from colas, aerated beverages as these will promote bloating.

Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated – as one gets dehydrated while travelling (if by air) maintain body’s salt levels.

Snack on crackers – fruit – roti – nuts – to keep the body metabolism going.

Get sleep at the time that your body is use to for e.g., if travelling by air and you board at 9 pm the go off o sleep at the time your body usually signs off.  Use an eye mask and ear plugs to promote sleep (avoid watching the entertainment on board) this will help in suffering from jet lag later.

Don’t eat every meal that is served.  Eat as the body feels hungry have mini snacks instead of the big meals. Carry some home-made snack stuff for in-between meals. This will prevent you from gorging on the main meal (which looks inviting – but is full of preservatives) – which will add to stomach discomfort.

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