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Digestive Distress’ and the importance of creating a strong gut

I am often asked this question as a health practitioner: What do you see as the root cause of all disease? Like Ayurvedic philosophy, Macrobiotics also puts everything down to the stomach. The stomach is the ‘core’ of everything and essentially the place where the first coals of health are given as fuel, to start the digestive fire. The future pieces of coal that we put in to keep this fire burning, determine how your constitution will be strengthened via keeping your condition strong.

So how will acquainting yourself with the skills you need to keep the digestive strong help? I believe everyone needs an understanding of how your stomach keeps fit. While everyone out there understands how to lose weight, and what carbohydrates, protein and fat one needs to keep fit. I say step beyond the perimeter of your plate, and look at the ‘energetics’ of food, and how the song and dance between foods happens keep your digestive strong.

What is the basis of good digestive health? Our bodies comprise of millions and trillions of microorganisms and we need to keep this in mind when working with our digestive systems. Allergies, obesity, acne, stomach issues, headaches, cancers; no matter which illness/ailment you take they are cured by the microscopic life inside us. The microscopic life within our intestines – have profound effects on our health and well-being.

My work on the level of consultations, workshops, products are all in alignment with this one principle. What do I mean by ‘energetics’ when I refer to food? What foods are triggers to generating microorganisms that do not work in our stomachs, and what foods nourish these microorganisms, so the good ones thrive and keep the garden in your digestive green and growing well.

How we must include and introduce foods that generate good microorganisms. Using the biodiversity available in the universe, to get them into foods that help us nourish ourselves. What foods become absolute must haves in your daily diet, and which foods become redundant.

Come and discover this in my workshops!

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