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Eating mindfully during the festive season

In Macrobiotic theory, you can always make balance with food around you. So how does one go about it during the holiday season? With so many temptations around you, this is one of the most difficult times to keep yourself under check. But actually by including some few simple things in your daily routine, you might actually find it very easy.

Here are 10 tips on how to do it:

1. Always start your day with a whole grain: this could range from a brown rice to any millet and could be consumed in the form of a porridge, poha, dosa, idli, or chilla.

2. Make sure you get plenty of leafy greens, this is the season for an abundance of leafy greens, and one should make full use of them in every meal.

3. Make sure to have 2-3 servings of fruit a day, and in-between your meals, this could give you the quick good sugars that would make for a balance.

4. Eat regularly, i.e., at meal times and snack times to ensure a steady blood sugar balance.

5. Always include a good fermented foods, this is a perfect time to make a nice kanji, include a quick pickle at a meal, miso or make a rejuvelac http://rawmazing.com/recipe/rejuvelac/.

6. Make sure your diet consists of vegetables at every meal and in all colours.

7. Exercise, this will be your only saviour during this season.

8. If you include a whole grain at every meal, you will keep your cravings down.

9. Avoid dairy at any cost.

10. Keep away from sugar.

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