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Healthy Spring Rice Salad

I have to admit this – Rice is my weakness. And therefore every year when spring is around, I try to mix different ingredients and make a delicious rice recipe.

This time around, I have used flowers- synonyms to spring and made a simple yet beautifully tasty rice salad. The good thing about this recipe is that it’s so light that you can binge on it.

What you will need –

2–3 cups cooked brown rice (for best taste use a day old)

About 1 cup vinegar

1 handful of your favorite greens

2 inches of a carrot, cut into small pieces

1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil

1 handful of your favorite edible flower

Pepper and salt to taste


Add the vinegar to the rice and break up the rice by “cutting” into the rice and not mixing it. Don’t make it mushy.

While the vinegar is being absorbed by the rice, lightly toss the greens, carrot pieces, and oil together in a separate bowl. Once the rice has absorbed the vinegar, add the greens mixture and toss to mix. Add salt and pepper as per desired.

Sprinkle the edible flowers on top and serve.



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