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Michio Kushi on – What the lies behind approaching food

“Like a television having inferior parts and unable to receive and transmit into images and a sound a series of vibrations coming from a distant station, if our blood is inferior, we are unable to perceive and respond to waves and vibrations coming from short and long distances. If our consciousness is sometimes clouded, it may be due to the change of environmental vibrations; but it is more largely due to what we are taking into our body by ourselves. We understand when we see that some people may react nervously, but another person maintains a normal response under the same circumstances, which explains that psychological variations are largely owing to what we consume daily.”


We are what we eat, and we are totally responsible ourselves for our physical and mental condition. Whether we are active, healthy and happy or inactive, sick or unhappy, on this earth, depends entirely upon ourselves and no one else. We are always the mater of ourselves, and no one else can really control our personal destiny. Miserable sickness and death, dark frustration and suffering, severe accidents and failures are all caused in ourselves, coming from what we choose as our food, according to whether such food is suitable in our environment. The secret for health and wisdom, freedom and happiness – all physical, mental, and spiritual as well as all social well-being – is in front of us day-to-day, lying in every dish we consume. How to choose, how to prepare, how to eat are the most central answers to the questions of the destiny of man – personal and collective, for the individual and for the entire mankind. Man can eat everything and yet he must maintain a certain order in what he consumes. That is a turning point to direct him towards development or decline.”


A Macrobiotic diet addresses ‘energy’ and its connection with foods, their preparation, and how it suits you; to achieve happiness and peace. Isn’t that all we want in the end?

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