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Simple tips to transition yourself out of Coffee

Why do we love our coffee? Because it provides us with “serotonin” the neurotransmitter (hormone-like chemical) that makes us “feel good”.  But the downside being, that once we “feel good”, which is an artificially induced serotonin state, our energies plummet, and in most cases diet being deficient (and that where we should get our natural levels of serotonin from), we reach for that “cuppa” yet again to give us the “seratonin high”. If you feel you may be addicted to caffeine and wish to give it up, try the following:

Try and transition yourself with Green tea (it has a small amount of caffeine) and will make it easier to quit.

Choose a day to start the transition, when you are most relaxed, like a weekend.

Commit yourself to half your dose of caffeine and intersperse the rest with Green tea.

Be prepared to experience irritability and a very bad headache. Prepare for these side effects by keeping yourself busy engaging in calming activities

Don’t aggravate that headache and spend time on the computer and watch too much TV, or read.

Deep Breathe…Relax… and follow a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and beans which will provide with natural seratonin levels.

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