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Sleeping better while focusing on a sound

Sleeping better while focusing on a sound

My yoga teacher always said when you don’t fall asleep, if you focus on a sound it always helps. I found this to be true experientially, as when I am stuck in a situation where I don’t fall asleep immediately (usually if I am nervous about something big happening the next day) this technique always works. Wind chimes, have the peaceful lull about them, also they remind me of time at the Vipassana meditation centre, where the Pagoda bells keep moving in the wind and making the same sound (emotional states, and association also impacts how we process sound). Many apps have recently been developed to encourage sleep based around the noise of the ocean, forests, water, nature, most spas play relaxing music as well. Next time you are stuck pick a sound that works for you and try sleeping with it on in the background.

The Chinese technique of Quigong has many healing sounds. Every organ in the body has its own sound, and by using these sounds you can help that organ heal as well and release stagnated qui.

The sounds for each organ are –

  • Liver = Xu (pronounced Xsuuu)
  • Heart = He (pronounced Hey)
  • Spleen = Hu (pronounced Hooo)
  • Kidney = Chui (pronounced Chooeee)
  • Lung = Su (pronounced Sooo)

Practice in the above order, by repeating several times; or the one sound that suits you.

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