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Tips to cook pasta making it healthier for you

Tips to cook pasta making it healthier for you

Using whole wheat if you are gluten intolerant, however now there are many choices in the Indian market with healthier pasta options. Like pasta made form vegetables, quinoa, chickpeas, edamame, and many ingredients that even those that do not eat flour or for those that have IBS (Irritable Bowel Disorder) can enjoy. Here are some handy tips to make it even more healthy.

  1. Use a whole grain: brown rice, millet pasta [buckwheat or soba] or whole wheat (if you can eat gluten).
  2. Use only 1 cup uncooked pasta at a time.
  3. Cook Al-Dente (that is not completely, just so it’s firm not tender).
  4. Add a protein food (fish/chicken or sprouts if vegetarian).
  5. Add a load of coloured vegetables: add a leafy green for sure.
  6. Add a fermented food to top it up like sauerkraut or quick pickle.
  7. Use a tomato-base sauce, it healthier than a white sauce. Plus is a dairy-free option.
  8. Use my gomashio (1 tsp) recipe sea salt to sesame seeds (roasted) 1:18 ratio in a sprinkler over the pasta.
  9. Boil the pasta in a nice flavourful vegetable or shitake mushroom broth, it will extract all the nutrients from the broth.
  10. To make it creamy, use cashew paste instead of cream.

Happy healthy pasta making!

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