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Trend 2017: Why haven’t we considered food to heal disease?

As a Macrobiotic practitioner, I see most of my clients coming to me after they have a lifestyle disease. There’s one thing called preventive measures one could have used, but using food to cure the disease is a whole other ball game.

This is what fascinated me about my field, when I was looking around for a discipline that embraced food it totality. Macrobiotics is the only philosophy, which questions the energy of foods, to heal disease; from cancers, thyroid, autoimmune diseases and the simpler ones like migraine, allergies and food intolerances.

Lifestyle medicine (a term that came up via Michael Greger- using foods to treat disease) looks at treating the underlying cause of the disease. Also, Macrobiotics looks at what got you here in the first place? In that, what are the foods you abused that got you here. While conventional medicine suppresses symptoms, lifestyle medicine will treat you from the root. I have yet to come across doctors who address diet as being the foundation to start reversing disease.

I take great pride in saying that I don’t need to see a client again, once I have taught them the reigns to handle their lifestyle (ailments). This sets us Macrobiotic practitioners apart from our contemporaries. But no one makes money in this kind of an approach, that’s why doctors don’t include it as a part of their repertoire.

I got called in by a reporter who asked me what the significant health trends will be in 2017, and I should have mentioned using plant based foods and not drugs to treat disease. In India this is what will be trending in 2017 on a health platform.

Lucci Baranda, my Macrobiotic teacher and counsellor once told me when she met me for the first time (by looking at my body in a diagnosis session); your mom is a vegetarian and dad is a non-vegetarian. You are saved by your mother’s constitution. You love eggs and come from too much dairy (pre – Macrobiotic days). I wondered how she said all of this by just looking at me, today I do the same with my clients. This is only because ‘You are what you eat,’ it shows up in body structure, you start looking like what you eat. In the same vein you are what foods you abuse. Therefore, why should food not treat the cause of what got you there in the first place?

Use Macrobiotics, to help shape your health and life!

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