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Excess Post Oxygen Consumption By Shonali Sabherwal




What is EPOC? ‘Excess Post Oxygen Consumption’

I have exercised for years ever since I was 15 and my body takes time to recover and keep burning the calories even when at rest. This physiological effect is called EPOC, which is the amount of oxygen required to get back to homeostasis [normal resting levels] after exercise.


FACT – Your diet fuels ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) this is what is used for muscle activity. Used with (aerobic pathways) or without oxygen (anaerobic pathways). AT first anaerobic pathways are used and then the aerobic pathways come into play. Certain exercises place a greater demand on anaerobic energy and increase the need of oxygen after a workout, enhancing the EPOC effect. Here is stuff you should know to enhance EPOC to help you keep burning the calories even after a workout.



Tips to enhance EPOC – Excess Post Oxygen Consumption


  1. Indulge in exercise that consumes more oxygen – this will help burn more calories
  2. HIIT – High Intensity Interval training enhances the EPOC effect
  3. EPOC is enhanced by the intensity of the workout (this means the body will continue to use replace ATP via the aerobic pathways)
  4. Resistance training enhances the EPOC effect
  5. Use heavier weights and shorter rest intervals; or high-intensity bursts of cardio enhances EPOC


Happy EPOCing!

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