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Why cinnamon-infused water is so good for you?

Why cinnamon-infused water is so good for you?

How cinnamon-infused water helps –

  1. It reduces insulin resistance helping this hormone (diabetics: 1 g or ½ tsp a day).
  2. Helps the heart – reduces triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol (120 mg per day); helps blood pressure.
  3. Is anti-inflammatory – helps you fight infections, repair tissue; potent antioxidants (ployphenols -free radical scavenger properties).
  4. Positive impact on the brain – it protects the brain from a build-up of a protein called ‘tau’ seen in Alzheimer patients; regularizes neurotransmitter function.
  5. Fights bacterial infections due to cinnamaldehyde in the form of cinnamon oil (used to treat respiratory tract infections); prevents tooth issues associated with decay or infection.

Using Ceylon cinnamon helps –

While Ceylon Cinnamon got its name because it grows in Sri Lanka (tree Cinnamomum verum), but we also have trees in South India and they are as good. The difference you need to know is between cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is Chinese cinnamon – it stabilizes blood sugar. Ceylon cinnamon has cinnamaldehyde (makes up 80% of volatile oils in cinnamon). It’s what gives the spicy aroma to cinnamon. Here is why Ceylon cinnamon scores over others –

  1. Stabilizes blood glucose levels.
  2. Is antibacterial.
  3. Has plenty of antioxidants (binds with free radicals).
  4. Lowers lipids.
  5. Boosts the brain.
  6. Helps with tummy issues (constipation and diarrhea); stimulates appetite.
  7. Tannins in cinnamon acts as an astringent and help prevent wounds.

Recipe for cinnamon-infused water

Soak 1 inch stick in one glass of water overnight and warm the water with stick in the morning and drink water. Using Ceylon cinnamon helps.


  1. It’s good to give a break of a month when taking cinnamon-infused water and then re-start.
  2. If you already have low blood sugar, then avoid it.
  3. If you have just had surgery.
  4. If you are pregnant (okay to do small amounts in food).

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