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Vatsaal Raja

I came to Shonali thinking I had SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). Had severe bloated-ness all the time with very severe acidity. I was sceptical at first, I didn’t think how I’d be helped.

I decided to stay committed from the start. By the second week, my belching stopped. My symptoms had reduced by 80%.

I have finished my plan with her, but can say this with certainty that I am 95% better, and if I get into a space again with excessive indigestion, its because I have veered off the plan and have learnt about foods that trigger me. Belching and being bloated as I told her are a distant memory, I also lost 6 kilos.

Shonali’s persona seems larger than life when you search her on the net or see her videos; but after meeting with her you realise she is simple, and totally 100% committed to getting you well. The best thing about being on a plan with her is that she meets you herself. She took me from a space of being ‘restricted on a diet’ to ‘living healthy 24×7.’

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