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  • Shonali has 2 USPs: One, she uses the Oriental system of diagnosis to help evaluate the condition and strength of your vital organs; by looking at your face: these are the liver, kidney, stomach, spleen, stomach, pancreas and lungs; she may use touch-meridian analysis if required. Two, she is also a trained Health Chef
  • Your first step is to book an appointment, via e mail or call 9819035604
  • You will be required to fill an evaluation booklet which enables Shonali to get your case history, this is done via e mail/post or hand-delivery (by you)
  • Consult duration 1 & 1/2 hour
  • Emotional and chakra system triggers will be discussed
  • You will be presented with an analysis of your condition
  • A diet will be prescribed to suit your ailment/condition
  • Sourcing ingredients will be discussed
  • Specific home remedies recommended
  • Answers to your questions
All consults will be conducted by Shonali herself, there are no assistants or other persons analysing your health ailment/ condition
It takes 4 months to change blood condition, and 2 years to change cell condition.
The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system is used as the basis of Shonali’s diagnosis. Shonali only uses natural everyday foods to help your health condition. No pills or medication is used.




“Shonali's food is healthy and gives you a lot of energy.”



"I have followed Shonali's recommendations strictly for 4 months. Her passion for her work, knowledge and applying the principles of cleansing you out and keeping you balanced are fantastic. She covers the gamut of health foods, suited for your condition and objectives, their incorporation in your diet and recipes and menus to assist your kitchen I feel great, and have achieved what I wanted. It's a step by step approach to health and well being - highly recommended for everyone.”



“Food, fitness, and a good lifestyle—this is the general mantra for my generation. Even before the start of my home-production 'Tell me O Khuda,' Shonali has helped me keep a regular and healthy check on my diet. She has been with me through both my pregnancies and I have done very well always with her plans.”

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