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Personal Health Coach in Mumbai: Cost & Packages

Personal Health Coach

6 months


Decided by Shonali


₹ 7,20,000


    In addition to all the benefits of the Macro Recovery Plan 2, you will get Shonali as your personal health coach
  • Regain your health and set the foundation for a new life, to chase your dreams
  • Shonali uses her dietary principles, spiritual practice (with 22 years of Vipassana meditation), experience and lays the foundation for your life to succeed
  • A lifestyle diet plan to suit your goals, objectives and what you want out of life
  • A monthly menu plan
  • One training for 3 hours at your residence (in-case of outstation clients, then done via Skype or FaceTime by Shonali to your primary cook, ingredients bought by client after list is provided and recipes discussed
  • Unlimited whatsapp (with guidelines) and call support
  • A guided detox during the plan
  • What antioxidants and superfoods to include to optimize health and prevent ageing or regenerate healthy cells
  • Implementation of lasting lifestyle changes
  • Product support (at cost) to optimize health benefits
  • A recommendation to practitioners who will support your health: psychologists, craniosacral therapists, chiropractors, accupuncturists, physiotherapists, ayurvedic practitioners/places, physiotherapists, skin experts, yoga specialists, image consultants to impact the beauty/health quotient.
  • Recommended for people wanting to turnaround their lives completely or a serious ailment (cancer, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue (adrenals), rheumatoid arthritis, skin issue, quit smoking, overcome drug addictions, generate positive self esteem, depression and also recommended for actors/actresses, brides/bridegrooms looking for a makeover from within using foods and a one-on-one interaction with Shonali
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terms and conditions.

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