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Amitabh Saxena

“Three years back, when I got a random blood test done its showed high cholesterol. I was shocked, as I have always been a big foodie but never expected this to happen at such a young age. In the meanwhile, I started having low energy, coupled with low libido. I corrected my diet (myself) and became more active but nothing helped. I started the rounds of dieticians, but no one really has answers to my low energy, low libido issues. After reading about Shonali and Macrobiotic food, I went to see her. She not only created a diet plan around my food habits, likes and dislikes; but also, addressed why I was in this situation, and how I could use foods and their energy to give me more energy. With the help of cooking styles customized for me, it became easy to follow. In 4 months, my cholesterol levels were back to normal, and I experienced much higher energy levels overall. I feel much lighter. I would recommend this diet for everyone.”

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