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Food Cravings

Food cravings usually happen when there is an insulin resistance issue in the body. In that, the stimulus you give to your body viz-a-viz food is improper, to set up sustained sugars from foods to support your hunger. Food cravings could also arise due to you being leptin (a hormone that tells you to stop eating) resistant.

What causes food cravings?

Shonali’s experience with food cravings has been that most people are unaware that cravings are triggered by their poor nutritional habits. You crave the wrong foods, because of two things one consuming simple sugars at a time when you should be consuming a complex carbohydrate whole grain sugar; two being gripped by the vicious cycle of foods that crave sugar (as the right kind of stimulus via food was not given, at the right meal-time).

What is Shonali's USP (Uniqueness)?

On a food craving diet, Shonali helps you set up the foundation at each meal, by providing the right food stimuli, so you beat the craving cycle. Shonali’s approach relies on the tenets of Macrobiotic philosophy: using the oriental system of ‘facial diagnosis,’ and touch meridian diagnosis (if needed) to analyze the strength and health of your organs. Her framework (like Ayurveda) relies on using the foundation of analyzing your constitution (that which you were born with: blueprint from your parents) and condition (that which you have created growing up). Macrobiotic philosophy uses the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements of ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ to help her diagnose everything you are or do. This is her training and USP and how she actually zeroes in on your diagnosis and further prognosis.

How does Shonali help?

She uses the food tools and the principles of the Macrobiotic approach to aim at: strengthening your gut, detoxify you of all the accumulated toxins (‘ama’ in Ayurveda plus any accumulation of bad gut bacteria causing ‘dysbiosis’ i.e., when bad bacteria outweigh the beneficial ones) and balance the body’s pH. Her approach is to make you identify the toxins you are consuming from foods, the environment and your lifestyle; and get rid of them. Plus bring in food-elements to clean up your gut to help you detoxify. She then layers this with the use of holistic natural everyday foods; using her knowledge of balancing the ‘foods’ and ‘cooking styles’ used to give you the required strength to overcome your ailment and encourage balance.

Shonali is based in mumbai and is presently working online in ver 35 countries. She is the only one who works with you, and there are no assistants or other nutritionists between you and her. She conducts her own follow ups and meetings personally; as she believes turning your health condition around is a ‘personal’ business; and only she has been trained to diagnose your condition and monitor the progress one-on-one. The macrobiotic approach is integrative, alternative and comes under the branch of lifestyle medicine, using foods as medicine to reverse and cure your health ailment/disease.


Priyanka Gulati - Assitant Commisioner, IRS
Priyanka Gulati
30, Assistant Commissioner, IRS
“I was addicted to milk, curd and paneer which are the staple foods for any Punjabi. Shonali was generous and she shared her wisdom gained over so many years of cooking Macrobiotic food.”
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Shiv Agarwal - Student
Shiv Agarwal
18, Student
“I came down by 18 kilos and face acne all gone! I looked in the mirror and felt good about myself.”
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Food Cravings

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