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Fibromyalgia is a condition which is characterized by musculoskeletal pain; accompanied by fatigue, sometimes insomnia and memory loss. It can go un-diagnosed and once doctors do make a diagnosis; there is no real prognosis except for being dependent on pain medication or use other treatments to manage one’s pain (like dry needling, acupressure or cranio-sacral therapy).

What causes fibromyalgia?

Shonali has seen most of cases have a psychosomatic component and a digestive issue that comes about before they actually get fibromyalgia. She tackles all these areas via diet, and suggesting alternative methods to manage this ailment.

What is Shonali's USP (Uniqueness)?

On a fibromyalgia diet, Shonali’s goal is restore the brains neurotransmitters via foods, and adding mood boosting foods to the diet; plus taking care of any precursors that might exist on a physical and mind front spiraling you into more pain. Her approach relies on the tenets of Macrobiotic philosophy: using the oriental system of ‘facial diagnosis,’ and touch meridian diagnosis (if needed) to analyze the strength and health of your organs. Her framework (like Ayurveda) relies on using the foundation of analyzing your constitution (that which you were born with: blueprint from your parents) and condition (that which you have created growing up). Macrobiotic philosophy uses the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements of ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ to help her diagnose everything you are or do. This is her training and USP and how she actually zeroes in on your diagnosis and further prognosis.

How does Shonali help?

She uses the food tools and the principles of the Macrobiotic approach to aim at: strengthening your gut, detoxify you of all the accumulated toxins (‘ama’ in Ayurveda plus any accumulation of bad gut bacteria causing ‘dysbiosis’ i.e., when bad bacteria outweigh the beneficial ones) and balance the body’s pH. Her approach is to make you identify the toxins you are consuming from foods, the environment and your lifestyle; and get rid of them. Plus bring in food-elements to clean up your gut to help you detoxify. She then layers this with the use of holistic natural everyday foods; using her knowledge of balancing the ‘foods’ and ‘cooking styles’ used to give you the required strength to overcome your ailment and encourage balance.

Shonali is based in mumbai and is presently working online in ver 35 countries. She is the only one who works with you, and there are no assistants or other nutritionists between you and her. She conducts her own follow ups and meetings personally; as she believes turning your health condition around is a ‘personal’ business; and only she has been trained to diagnose your condition and monitor the progress one-on-one. The macrobiotic approach is integrative, alternative and comes under the branch of lifestyle medicine, using foods as medicine to reverse and cure your health ailment/disease.


Gurkaran Singh Kohli
29, Businessman
“I am grateful to God, for introducing me to the most caring and helpful people during my darkest days in this fight against the invisible demons, fibromyalgia [...]
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Mansa Reddy
36, Baker
“I had very bad hair fall and skin condition. I also had fibromyalgia with a poor digestive system. I am so blessed and thankful there are people [...]
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Priyanka Reddy
34, Baker
“I was suffering from immense fatigue and pain. I am in complete remission now. I am changed both physically and emotionally. I am so grateful to her [...]
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Pankaj Mehta
48, Businessman
“Fibromyalgia is a condition where one is in constant pain, and the precursor is a weak stomach and can also be psychosomatic. The foods recommended (by Shonali) [...]
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