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Ankit Arora - Voice Artiste




Ankit Arora

In the beginning of 2017, on a friend’s recommendation I had tried a Keto diet, which happened to back-fire like anything. I got myself caught into some sort of an Irritable Bowel Disorder-like situation, with my gut severely affected; with gastric pains and indigestion. This was also embarrassing for me and difficult to deal with. My professional and personal life were both getting affected. To my luck, I stumbled upon one of Shonali’s books, ‘The Detox Diet.’ Consulting Shonali and following her diet for 4 months, not only bought sanity back into my digestive system, but made me aware of my body and the kind of food that I should be indulging in and those that absolutely did not work. Today, when I am on a path to recovery, I owe a lot to Shonali. Her exterior and warmth work wonders together.

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