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Jyoti Yadav a Breast Cancer Survivor




Jyoti Yadav

I am a 3 year Breast cancer survivor. After getting done with Breast Cancer Treatment, I started cleaning up my diet but there was something missing. I could feel the water retention on waking up and my digestion was still problematic. My circulating tumor cell (CTC) test could never come to zero. Despite ovarian suppression my estrogen was increasing. I was taking 12-14 pills of supplements and could not get these numbers to lower values.

I was looking for someone who understood cancer, my body, my needs and lifestyle. I signed up with Shonali and within two months my CTC test came back as zero and estrogen came back to normal range. This was not all that was impacted; my inflammation markers came back to be low without any supplements. I started exercising and have never felt low on energy or excessive soreness. Shonali understands you at a personal level ‘holistically’ and slowly introduces changes and seeks to integrate them in order to make these adjustments a part of your lifestyle. She is diligent, and is invested in you herself 100%. I am thankful to Shonali for helping me get here and make me understand the power of food and the choices we make.

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