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Kanchana Vasudevan

“I am 45, with a 9-year-old hypothyroid condition. As a result, weight gain was easy but shedding even a kilo was a mammoth effort, despite being active and regular with my exercise. After several failed attempts of losing weight I stumbled upon Shonali’s webpage from which I gathered that diet is not about abstaining and suffering for a period of time, but to correct your daily eating that lasts a lifetime. I went for a consultation to Shonali around mid-November 2014. The consultation was an eye-opener to all the small mistakes that I was making which jeopardised all my weight loss efforts. I followed Shonali’s method of eating (yes! not dieting!) religiously since I was enjoying the steady cleansing that was taking place within. For the first time, I was more bothered about what goes in rather than desperately keep checking the weighing scale. In 2 weeks, my friends started noticing inches being lost and in a month and a half I was feeling lighter. At the end of 3 months when a friend asked me to check my weight I was thrilled to have lost 8 kilos. I recently went for my thyroid check-up and the readings were far below normal that the doctor has cut down my dose. Well moral of the story – I am eating well, feeling light and on the road to be off medications. Guys go for it and enjoy the glow on your skin for the body is too intelligent and starts reciprocating directly to what goes inside.”

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