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Priya Sehgal Underwent Chemo, Radiation Teatment




Priya Sehgal

I received a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis in April 2019 . I underwent chemo, radiation and initially responded well to treatment but soon after there was disease progression. Despite being treated with the best medicines, I felt really helpless. I wanted to be in control of my health and life. Doctors think it’s okay to keep taking medicines indefinitely but I wasn’t comfortable with that. I had been following Shonali on social media for long and found her in-depth knowledge of using nutrition to reverse illness simply incredible.

I started consulting with Shonali soon after the scans detected progression. My diet changed completely and I strictly followed her instructions on what, how and when to eat. Just a few months later (3-4), my scans turned out to be excellent. Most of the metastatic cancer lesions were no longer there. I had expected good results but this was beyond my imagination. I could feel the difference in my digestion, energy, skin and hair health. I was very happy to be feeling and looking good. It’s been such a privilege to have had Shonali’s guidance during this challenging time. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge regarding food and nutrition that’s changed how my entire family eats today. I feel a lot more empowered about my health. I can see myself going off cancer medication in the near future. I’m really looking forward to that.

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