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Priyanka Gulati - Assitant Commisioner, IRS




Priyanka Gulati

“My journey in exploring Macrobiotic cooking began 3 years back when I picked up The Beauty Diet, authored by Shonali Sabherwal. I am a foodie and I love to experiment with food. But I am perpetually looking for a balance between my food cravings and a need to look good. The book intrigued me and I began exploring. I kept following the ground rules of the book. No maida, no sugar, and no dairy. Especially the No Dairy part helped me a lot. I am a young civil servant and preparing for the UPSC exam required me to study and concentrate for long hours. Going off dairy really worked for me. I was addicted to milk, curd and paneer which are the staple foods for any Punjabi. Getting off dairy made was magical for me. I was less groggy and more energetic. I also followed it up with her cooking class, Shonali was generous and she shared her wisdom gained over so many years of cooking Macrobiotic food. I flew in especially from Delhi to attend the weekend workshop. We covered about 50 plus dishes including soups, salads, snacks, fermented pickles, deserts and much more.”

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