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Ragini Swami

I am middle class housewife from Kalyan, Mumbai. Last year I bought your book ‘The Beauty Diet’ and my life changed. From being a lazy, weak and dull person; I became energetic and feel like young person. This is my first book on diet and I am lucky, as it has changed my life. I have gained my health and become a more positive person.

In this book, you have suggested the ‘nishime’ cooking style. I have been using this style for a year and remain energetic. I am so thankful, as whenever I use to go out I felt tired and low, and wanted to sleep when I got back. But now, I am full of abundant energy. My husband has had Tuberculosis (TB) for the last 10 years. Using the ‘nishime’ style has helped him a lot. After eating your food, he also feels healthy, is glowing and feels energetic. I give him soups and juices, for detoxification as he used to take in a lot of alcohol at one time. He works for the railways and our house runs on his earnings, so it’s important he has his health. I have gifted your book to my daughter as well. There is so much basic information on food groups and in detail for a layperson like me to understand.

I really love you, because you have cured my soul. It was a soul-to-soul connect for me. I did not expect you will reply to my Instagram messages, but you did. You are so down-to-earth. I am very thankful to Shonali as you have changed me from within with your food.

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