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Surinder Maker - Ex-Army & Consultant




Surinder Maker

“I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 38, it was detected in the early stages; and doctor decided surgery was the only option. I decided to go-ahead; and post the biopsy some chemotherapy was recommended. While I started my chemotherapy; I chanced upon Shonali’s diet recommended by a friend. My daughter was very keen that I start a diet regimen to help me fight my chemotherapy better. I must say her plan worked very well; I was a bit skeptical initially as I wondered how it would fit into my lifestyle coming from a North Indian background. I was dependent on dairy and meat. But it was easy to transition out of them, for the sake of fighting my chemotherapy. The diet has worked very well, now that I am in complete remission for 10 years, I can say it worked for me.”

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