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On an anti-aging diet, Shonali uses foods to aid cellular detoxification, therefore beating the ageing process. What is aging? Simply a sign that the free radical damage in your body caused by the foods you eat is high, and gobbling up the nutrients in your good cells and creating toxicity in the body (simply put). Though there is a complicated definition as well: When your telomeres start fraying (protein caps at the ends of your DNA that protect your chromosomes; think of the ends of your shoelace) an essential part of the human cells that affect ageing.

Poor nutrition, environmental factors, stress, lifestyle, affect the shortening or fraying of telomeres. On The Beauty Diet of anti aging, Shonali addresses the blood condition with balancing your pH with foods, that beat the aging process.


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Sonya Nair

AGE 58

“After my menopause I started worrying about the pigmentation on my skin, plus getting closer to being 60 was making me age faster I think. I approached Shonali for skin health, but realized her diet was all about anti-ageing for me. I felt it impacted my energy levels, shine in my skin, lesser pigmentation recurrence, less sagging in my skin, more collagen production. I feel great! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel young again!”