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Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition and autoimmune in its nature. Since Shonali’s approach is to strengthen the gut first, and thereby tackle inflammation; she has successfully worked with this condition and kept people in a plateau-state (lesser flare-ups) as she calls it.

On a psoriasis diet, she strives to restore blood condition as well, via foods, balance pH such that the outward reflection of the inner blood condition brings about healthier skin tissue. She removes food stressors, that create toxic blood, and restores nutrient dense foods, focusing on absorption of these nutrients via gut-building foods.


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AGE 34

"I met Shonali through a friend, and came from a hard-core non-vegetarian style of eating. After going through allopathy and homeopathy, I felt it was time to change my diet to help with my condition. In 4 months of eating the way she prescribed, I have not had my condition worsen. I am still on Shonali’s approach it’s been 6 months and I am seeing a change in my condition. Giving up eating out, dairy, sugar and processed foods has been hard, but totally worth it. The foods she gives you, help you. I am already seeing my skin respond."