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Leptin Resistance

Sometimes weight is not a matter of controlling calories alone; being resistant to leptin can cause havoc with weight gain. If not isolated as a cause for gaining weight; then all diets fail you. Leptin is released by your fat cells, and often called the satiety hormone. Symptoms include feeling tired, hungry and sick most times, indicative of low immunity.

On a leptin resistance diet, Shonali works by controlling your inflammation, as this itself is a big trigger then she restores balance by working with elements in your diet that restore high elevated leptin levels.

Leptin Resistance

Number of Cases


Tanaz Batliwalla

AGE 35

“After being on yo-yo diets for all my life, I finally found an approach that worked and made me aware of the problem of being leptin resistant. Shonali has the skill-set that I have not known any other nutritionist to have. She is not just a nutritionist, but a life coach. She treated you very holistically, not just addressing diet and setting things right; which she claims is 80% of the way on the road to recovery. But she also addresses what went wrong, and will go wrong if one was to continue down the path; educating you to take-charge of your life. Not many people in this business are ‘compassionate’ and that is her strongest trait. She is a natural nurturer, born to be in this field.”