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An autoimmune condition arises, when the body loses its ability to recognize the difference between the good and bad cells. So the fighter cells start attacking themselves. The cause of autoimmune disease is generally unknown; however Shonali believes it is almost entirely preceded by a digestive system issue – specially a leaky gut. The immune system is the gatekeeper to your health, when under attack, the antibodies (proteins) created attack healthy tissue, and also the lining of your gut; leading to leaky gut syndrome.

On an autoimmune diet, Shonali’s approach is to strengthen the body’s immune system, by first fortifying the gut. She adds a host of natural foods, with her remedies, and gut-building foods, to help you achieve some state of normalcy, resolving autoimmune issues.


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Smita Gupta
Art Collector

AGE 45

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune) and I knew my erratic lifestyle with sleeping late and travelling did not allow me to keep healthy. I already had a thyroid condition, but being diagnosed with RA left me shocked. I first tried homeopathy, but it did not show much result, I then went on to Ayurveda at a 7- star place; however that too did not show any results. Finally when I met Shonali, she started me on her diet and tried to establish regular lifestyle habits. She did not allow me to travel for a whole year, and also got me to meet the doctor she works with – combining Ayurveda and her diet. In 8 months my doctors declared that I had been miss-diagnosed, and I was one step away from a lethal drug called methotrexate, can you believe this story? I hope this testimonial inspires you to approach Shonali for any ailment you may have. She I the only answer to handling such difficult diseases with her approach.”