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Food Intolerance

When a person has the inability to digest a certain food, sometimes leading to an allergic reaction; it is termed as food intolerance. There are a varied range of such foods like gluten (celiac disease), dairy (lactose intolerant), histamine-releasing foods (fermented foods and others), and many such other foods.

On a food intolerance diet, Shonali believes most food intolerance is a result of the immune system being weak, and therefore first works on strengthening the bodies own immunity with rectifying your diet and including foods that will strengthen blood condition.

Food Intolerance

Number of Cases


Jyoti Ahlawat
Air Hostess

AGE 34

“I use to be bloated all the time, whenever I ate food it would get worse. Shonali’s Macrobiotic approach made me realize it could be different foods I could have an intolerant towards. She worked by the method of elimination and made me realize it was gluten. I was use to eating roti and a previous dietician I went to for weight loss, told me I could eat 2 rotis made of wheat at my meal times. I realized later she was just keeping my calories under control. But the diet made my condition worse. Shonali made me understand that I had a weak digestion and could be having a leaky gut. She also made me understand that gluten could come from various sources, not just wheat. She helped with including substitutes for everything that came into my diet which had gluten.”