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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is characterized by extreme fatigue, for which doctors sometimes have no real explanation. The fatigue a person undergoes; spills into insomnia and lethargy and affects mental alertness. There are no real tests to diagnose your condition, but some of the symptoms include: loss of memory, fatigue, extreme lethargy, sleeplessness, joint or muscle pain, sore throat, constant allergies, mental fogginess, headaches and sometimes enlarged lymph nodes (neck and armpits).

On a CFS diet, Shonali addresses CFS via analyzing a persons over-exhausted adrenal function. Basically the adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys need to be boosted in order to get you out of this problem. She uses foods to support kidney and adrenal function and also focuses on the digestive system, which could be a precursor to this issue.


Number of Cases


Arjun Sahni

AGE 32

“I had unexplained pain in my muscle and joints; plus insomnia. Dark circles around my eyes was something I had from the age of 20; I thought it was just hereditary, until I met Shonali who explained this was my kidney zone represented on my face and showed low kidney and adrenal function. Till then I did not even know what adrenals meant and that they were actually organs in the human body. I was use to eating a certain way for 20 plus years: egg and toast every morning, miss lunch and eat a late dinner. Sometimes snacking in bread again in the evening. I learnt how to eat real food for the first time in my life; Shonali introduced me to a range of new foods easy to adapt which made my CFS disappear.”