Alternative, Integrative & Functional Medicine using food

Concentration & Focus

Macrobiotics as an approach takes the stand of changing the blood condition, with foods that make for a balance. Making this balance in the body, will result in creating stronger immunity and reversing health ailments or keeping them dormant.

Shonali has had the opportunity to work with many ailments and help her clients. She does private one-on-one cooking training for all ailments on request. Please write to her for details. Here are some of the ailments which she has worked with.

Concentration & Focus

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"My journey in exploring Macrobiotic cooking began 3 years back when I picked up The Beauty Diet, authored by Shonali Sabherwal . I am a foodie and I love to experiment with food. But I am perpetually looking for a balance between my food cravings and a need to look good. The book intrigued me and I began exploring. I kept following the ground rules of the book. No maida, no sugar, and no dairy. Especially the No Dairy part helped me a lot. I am a young civil servant and preparing for the UPSC exam required me to study and concentrate for long hours. Going off dairy really worked for me. I was addicted to milk, curd and paneer which are the staple foods for any Punjabi. Getting off dairy made was magical for me. I was less groggy and more energetic. I also followed it up with her cooking class, Shonali was generous and she shared her wisdom gained over so many years of cooking Macrobiotic food. I flew in especially from Delhi to attend the weekend workshop. We covered about 50 plus dishes including soups, salads, snacks ,fermented pickles, deserts and much more."