Alternative, Integrative & Functional Medicine using food


Macrobiotics as an approach takes the stand of changing the blood condition, with foods that make for a balance. Making this balance in the body, will result in creating stronger immunity and reversing health ailments or keeping them dormant.

Shonali has had the opportunity to work with many ailments and help her clients. She does private one-on-one cooking training for all ailments on request. Please write to her for details. Here are some of the ailments which she has worked with.


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AGE 58

"I am 58 years old, and never really fell sick all my life. Suddenly I started suffering from low immunity issues. First, I started falling down a couple of times a year, then I also started getting up several times at night to go to the toilet to empty my bladder. My immunity was at an all time low, as I got virals and fevers quite often. I went to the doctor, but also decided to consult Shonali. She was the first one to point out that I could be suffering with a urinary tract infection, which was connected to a condition called Candidiasis (something I had all my life), and therefore the need to go to the toilet had increased over the years (especially at night). She diagnosed me as having a condition called nocturia, wherein the keeping up at night was depressing my cognitive ability in the day, and due to which I kept falling. No doctor had connected the dots for me in this way. She said we should first get the candida under control, then the UTI. She did this by making dietary changes for me and she worked with my lifestyle. I am now candida-free, and get up only once during the night. I haven’t had a fall in the last year."