Alternative, Integrative & Functional Medicine using food


Macrobiotics as an approach takes the stand of changing the blood condition, with foods that make for a balance. Making this balance in the body, will result in creating stronger immunity and reversing health ailments or keeping them dormant.

Shonali has had the opportunity to work with many ailments and help her clients. She does private one-on-one cooking training for all ailments on request. Please write to her for details. Here are some of the ailments which she has worked with.


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"I have been Shonali’s client for 7 years now, and successfully managed my fibromyalgia with her dietary approach. Fibromyalgia is a condition where one is in constant pain, and the precursor is a weak stomach and can also be psychosomatic. This was something only Shonali made me understand. I realize that when I have flare-ups it’s because I ate poorly or I’m stressed. The foods recommended have a way of calming the nervous system and then help calm my condition. I highly recommend her approach."