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Insomina is defined as the inability to fall asleep; and could happen due to various reasons: imbalance in cortisol levels, lack of magnesium, depletion in serotonin or melatonin, insulin resistance, and stress. If you are not sleeping for more than three times a week restfully, then you have insomnia.

On an insomnia diet, Shonali’s approach is multifold on a dietary front, she recommends therapies which handle the psychosomatic component and stress management techniques. Her main focus is food and working towards setting up the foundation to support the brain and neurotransmitters.


Number of Cases


Shanaya Batavdekar

AGE 21

“I had been on Shonali’s program initially for candida, which got resolved. Then I took a break under her supervision but kept following the main principles. I started eating some junk foods again, and suffering with extreme emotional mood swings and insomnia. So I went back to Shonali for help, Shonali helped me isolate the reasons as to why I was suffering with mood swings and insomnia. We slowly managed to restore my sleep patterns, as she was able to pin-point exactly why I had insomnia. I am so thankful to her because I could get through my exams. Now I am sleeping better and my moods swings are under control. I love Shonali and will keep going back to her if I have issues.”