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Leaky Gut Syndrome

A leaky gut arises, when the body loses its ability to recognize the difference between the good and bad cells. So the fighter cells start attacking themselves as well. In a leaky gut diet, the cause is proteins (antibodies) created, that loosen the tight junctions of the intestinal lining. On a leaky gut diet, Shonali’s approach is to strengthen the body’s immune system, by first fortifying and sealing the gut lining.

She works with elimination of foods, antibiotics, and other factors tat are causing this situation. She adds a host of natural foods, with her remedies, and gut-building foods, to help you achieve some state of normalcy, resolving leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Number of Cases


Roshini Anand
Social Worker

AGE 33

“I did not know what ‘leaky gut syndrome’ was until I read The Detox Diet by Shonali. So far I had got a thyroid at a young age, and also suffered with some skin issues, coupled with constipation from a young age. I tried various permutations and combinations of treatment. From laxatives and of course the thyroid medication to colonics with topical expensive skin treatments; nothing worked. I got temporary relief, but my condition got worse as it would all come back. After reading Shonali’s book, I started somewhat following her approach, but I knew I wanted it customized. I was on her program (and have continued it on my own) for 4 months. She resolved my constipation, which was a sign that my gut lining had gone back to normal. She also got me off my thyroid medication, and now I suffer with no skin issues, I have to thanks her for tackling my issues from within, and resolve them.”