Alternative, Integrative & Functional Medicine using food


Anxiety can have different manifestations for anyone. You could experience fear, nervousness, apprehension, heart palpitation, constant worrying, incessantly talking about one issue. Shonali uses the uniqueness of her philosophy to balance your spleen/pancreas/stomach as those are the organs that cause this to happen.

By strengthening these organs using foods and her remedies, she brings about a balance here first, to help tackle your mind, and deal with depleted neurotransmitters that are causing you also to get into this state.


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AGE 54

"Anxiety is related to the way you eat’ this is what Shonali taught me. I have been a healthy person all along. But I never realized that the strength of my organs could also fuel my emotions. And this also dependent on the foods I ate. I went through a bad patch in 2007-2008. I had severe panic attacks and palpitations. I was a sugar consumer, and also drank a fair bit. There were no whole grains in my diet, Shonali helped me address this issue by laying the foundation of a solid diet plan. Slowly I got out of this vicious circle of anxiousness."