Alternative, Integrative & Functional Medicine using food


Macrobiotics as an approach takes the stand of changing the blood condition, with foods that make for a balance. Making this balance in the body, will result in creating stronger immunity and reversing health ailments or keeping them dormant.

Shonali has had the opportunity to work with many ailments and help her clients. She does private one-on-one cooking training for all ailments on request. Please write to her for details. Here are some of the ailments which she has worked with.


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AGE 75

"I weighed 117 kilos and was on insulin 4 times a day. I had given up on my life when I met Shonali. Her positivity towards me, filled me with energy. She said give me a year to bring my weight down and take me off the insulin. So I lay all my faith and trusted in her. For one year I followed her prescribed diet, with timings and instructions. She was always in touch and stayed on top of my diet. Her involvement in my kitchen with the chef who was cooking for me, and my primary caretaker at that time (my son) was amazing. I soon started requiring less and less insulin, as my sugars were getting back to normal levels. She made me keep a diary and monitor my sugar levels constantly. Month after month I saw my weight drop, my clothes got looser. In one year I was off my insulin and came down to 65 kilos. That is a total weight loss of 52 kilos. I felt healthy, normal. I live in the US and have started living my life all over again, I drive, shop, climb up and down the stairs of my house. I feel alive, all thanks to Shonali’s way of life."